Take a glance at the highest 5 WordPress plugins that ar employed by bloggers round the world to give a boost to the safety of their web site.

  1. WP Security Audit Log

Clean and easy, this plugin maintains a log of everything that happens on your WordPress blog or web site. you’ll simply track any suspicious activity and confirm the threat level. You receive security alerts in real-time whenever

  • A new user profile is created
  • WordPress gets an upgrade
  • Users install and activate a WP theme
  • Change their email address or passwords
  • An existing page, post, or category is modified
  • Failed login attempts
  • And much more…
  1. Security Ninja

A combination of WP security best practices rolled into one plugin, Security Ninja performs over thirty one security tests, like brute-force attacks. Your website is checked completely for holes and security vulnerabilities, and preventative measures facilitate stop attacks.
3. BulletProof Security Pro
A single click is all you would like to safeguard your Root website folder and your ‘wp-admin’ folder once you have this plugin put in. not does one got to worry concerning hacking trials like XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection, Base64, RFI and Code Injection. A one-time fee is needed to activate the spam and hacker protection options.
4. iThemes Security
Are you looking because a profound protection plugin so much is easy sufficient because newbies to operate? Well, you’re into luck. iThemes Security fixes more than one problems up to expectation makes WordPress blogs vulnerable, yet also boosts the security. The plugin dashboard includes a guidelines of assignment items, arranged into descending rule on importance, so much thou perform flip about and afar as care of thy convenience.
5. 6Scan Security

Hackers beware! 6Scan provides your site with rule-based protection and regularly updates the security features. The built-in security scanner checks and protects your website against a variety of threats, but the most significant feature of this plugin has got to be the automatic vulnerability fix. Any vulnerable code is automatically fixed using an auto-fix server-side agent solution. Moreover, malware-related issues are easily taken care of by 6Scan.



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