Do You Want To Show Your Recent Posts in Uniqe Style ?

Recent Post Extender plugin allow you to add a custom, flexible and super advanced “recent posts” area, which you can easily  displayed either via a shortcode or widget.

You can also  display a list of the most recent blog posts or product with a thumbnail, excerpt and post date, along with choosing whether to pull posts from specific or multiple categories/tags, specify post types, and much more!

You can Download it for free  in English, French, and Portuguese.

Advanced Features

Below are 11 advance  features of Recent Post Extender plugin :

  • Display thumbnails, with customizable size and alignment
  • Display excerpt, with customizable length
  • Display post date, modified date, and comments
  • Choose whether to exclude the current post
  • Add a “Read More” link
  • Add your own custom CSS
  • Choose posts based on tag, category, status, and more
  • Custom HTML or text before and/or after recent posts
  • Integrated shortcodes
  • Set the title URL
  • Order by date, comment count or random

You can download Recent Post Extender plugin for free using the link below

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